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Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies

Detail from a Torah case, or tik in Hebrew, that originated in the ancient and historically significant Jewish community in Iraq. It is one of the highlights of Spertus Institute's collections. Unknown artist. Bagdad 1897. MORE>

Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies Graduate Programs are designed for students who seek to explore the breadth of the Jewish experience through advanced scholarship.

Jewish Studies Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs at Spertus immerse students in a wide range of Judaic content and provide a means for them to study important texts and learn to work with rigorous academic methodologies in areas most meaningful to them.

Degree Types

Spertus Institute Jewish Studies degree offerings include:

These programs are offered are offered on a quarter-term system, which allows for flexible and asynchronous registration and start dates. They are offered onsite and through distance learning.

Why Spertus Institute?

  • Welcoming nondenominational environment open to all
  • Distinguished international faculty
  • Flexible scheduling and locations, distance learning available
  • Outstanding curricula with opportunities to pursue
    individual interests
  • Extensive resources


For a friendly person-to-person discussion about this program, contact Spertus Institute Director of Enrollment Stacey Flint at or 312.322.1707.



At Spertus Institute, we embrace the idea that the wisdom of Jewish thought and the richness of Jewish experiences inform Jewish society and Judaism today. Our programs encourage personal reflection. Students grapple with Jewish ideas in the service of their personal, professional, and communal advancement.

Cost for Admitted Students

  • Masters level 
    $350 per quarter-hour credit 
    ($1050 per 3qh course)
  • Doctoral level 
    $400 per quarter-hour credit 
    ($1200 per 3qh course)

A registration fee of $25 is also required.