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Mark Akgulian
Director of Operations and Business Development
makgulian [at]

Peter Andreadis
AV Technician
pandreadis [at]

Dr. Karin Baird
Advisor, Faculty Chair, & Director,
Master of Science in Nonprofit Management
kbaird  [at]

Dr. Dean Bell
Provost and Vice President
dbell [at]

Kathy Bloch
Collections Manager
kbloch [at]

Haleah Cassell
Spertus Shop Sales Associate
shop [at]

Thomas Bonomo
Financial Consultant
tbonomo [at]

Dr. Barry Chazan
Founding Director, 
MAJPS and Professor of Jewish Education
bchazan [at]

Stewart Cherlin
IT Director
scherlin [at]

Sheila Cronin
Facility Sales Manager
scronin [at]

Cori Ann Colangelo
Venue Six10 Sales Manager
ccolangelo [at]

Theo Constanoplis
Senior Accountant
tconstan [at]

Pamela Felton
Financial Aid and
Human Resources Representative
pfelton [at]

Stacey Flint
Director of Enrollment Management
sflint [at]

Tom Gengler
Collections Assistant
tgengler [at] 

Gail Goldberg
ggoldberg [at]

Betsy Gomberg 
Director of Marketing & Communications 
bgomberg [at]

Abby Hagler
Executive Assistant/ Administrative Coordinator
ahagler [at]

Ellen Hattenbach
Vice President for External Relations
ehattenbach [at]

Amane Isa
Spertus Shop Associate
aisa [at] 

Tracy Kostenbader 
Senior Designer 
tkostenbader [at]

Dr. Hal M. Lewis
President and CEO
presidentsoffice [at] 

Mary Lewis
Spertus Shop Associate
mlewis [at]

Michael Miller
Facilities Manager
mmiller [at]

Whitney Miller
Sales Associate
wmiller [at]

Doug Peterson
dpeterson [at]

Regina Rivers
Development Coordinator
rrivers [at]

Tal Rosen
Director, Center for Jewish Leadership
and MA in Jewish Professional Studies Program
trosen [at]

Joanna Rothenberg
Assistant Editor
jrothenberg [at]

Nicholas Sagan
Digital Content Specialist
nsagan [at]

Beth Schenker
Assistant Dean for Jewish Studies
bschenker [at]

Ilana Segal
Curator of Collections
isegal [at]

Joshua Shanes
Interim Director of Doctoral Programs
jshanes [at]

Michael Sims
Desktop Support Specialist
msims [at]

Andreas Sosnowski
Building Engineer
asosnowski [at]

Brittany Stein
Patron Services Manager
bstein [at]

Phil Thompson
Event Production Associate
pthompson [at]

Josh Thorne
Web Developer
jthorne [at]

Jenny Velazquez
Operations Coordinator
jvelazquez [at]

Judy Wood
Finance Coordinator
jwood [at]