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Center for Jewish Leadership

Center for Jewish Leadership

Rooted in the belief that great Jewish communities need great leaders, the mission of the Center for Jewish Leadership (CJL) is to transform Jewish life by cultivating innovative approaches to leadership and enhancing the abilities of Jewish professionals and lay leaders.

New opportunities for leadership development are designed to strengthen the knowledge, effectiveness, creativity, and strategic agility of current and future Jewish leaders, magnifying the vibrancy of their communities and advancing the missions of the organizations they serve.

Programs offered through the CJL provide participants with a unique and holistic approach to Jewish leadership that seamlessly integrates deeper understanding of Jewish life, culture, and history with insights and best practices from the worlds of business and nonprofit leadership.

In Chicago


We also work with professionals and lay leaders outside the Chicago area, serving Jewish communities from Milwaukee to Montreal to Tel Aviv with programs customized to their region's needs. Contact Tal Rosen at or 312.322.1711 to learn more.

The Spertus Approach — Spertus Institute cultivates an atmosphere of lively discourse. We often hear from students and participants that their Spertus experiences are inspiring and transformative. That is by design, and it results in meaningful opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The Center for Jewish Leadership is supported by generous grants
from the Crown Family. We are grateful for their support.

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Spertus President and CEO Dr. Hal M. Lewis explains why we need a Center for Jewish Leadership.

Center for Jewish Leadership

Designed for professionals and
volunteers who work for and with
Jewish organizations, the Center
for Jewish Leadership
opportunities to learn new skills,
hone existing talents, and gain
the expertise to foster a vibrant
Jewish future. Offerings include:

  • Graduate and certificate programs
  • Master classes and workshops
  • Jewish Leaders on Leadership series
  • An annual leadership symposium
  • A community mentoring program
  • Awards for innovation and collaboration

Shout-Out to Recipients of the Certificate in Jewish Leadership

The Certificate in Jewish Leadership, sponsored by Spertus in partnership with Northwestern University, is a prestigious program that prepares leaders to grow the organizations they serve. MORE>

Entrepreneurs and Innovators on Jewish Leadership

Spertus Institute brought together entrepreneurs from the business world and social sectors, in Israel and North America, for a symposium titled Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Jewish Leadership. We heard inspiring presentations and frank discussion of what it takes to create successful, transformative ventures, and how this knowledge can be leveraged to advance Jewish life. View the presentations>