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Completion Options

Completion Options

Spertus Institute Master of Science
In Nonprofit Management

Concentration Areas
and Independant Projects

Program Completion Option A
Concentration Area (one of the three choices below)

Fundraising Management Concentration

Organizations require a variety of funding streams to insure cash flow and avoid reliance on any one particular source. The staff and board must develop a long-term strategy to expand funding sources and maintain relationships with current donors. This concentration area provides in-depth knowledge and skills related to the role of fundraising within a nonprofit organization, the development and implementation of a fundraising plan, and the management of the fundraising operation. This concentration area expands on the exploration of various sources of funds, including foundations and corporations, government entities, and individuals. Students learn strategies for identifying potential donors, relationship-building, and growing donor relationships over time.

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Human Services Administration Concentration

Human services professionals manage and lead organizations that address some of the most important and critical societal needs. The Human Services Administration concentration area enables present and future human services professionals in the public and private sectors to effectively develop and shape their organizations to facilitate and improve services. Courses in this concentration area provide students with a better understanding of the United States human services delivery system. Students also strengthen management skills that are critical to success within the human services administration arena.

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Jewish Communal Services Concentration

This concentration area allows students to develop broad overview content knowledge in Jewish Studies themes and apply them to their work in a wide array of Jewish communal services fields. Concentration courses focus on the integration of classical Jewish sources and ideas with best practices in the areas of management and leadership. In addition to an individualized project, students also gain important knowledge about grantwriting.

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Program Completion Option B
The Independent Project

Students may elect to complement their coursework with an Independent Project to fulfill their degree requirements. Students selecting this option will work with the Academic Advisor to complete their project. Students who do the Independent Project may begin to work with the Academic Advisor any time after completion of Module VII of the MSNM program.

Independent Project Options
Course #4536

  • Literature Review and Analysis
  • Organizational Study
  • Grant Proposal

Literature Review and Analysis

A Literature Review and Analysis enables students to identify a social or organizational problem of interest and conduct an in-depth review of the literature on the subject. The review may include the history of developments on a particular topic, theoretical perspectives on a problem, and proposed solutions. Both qualitative and quantitative sources may be used. The academic advisor will help guide students toward possible sources of literature to be consulted.

Organizational Study

An Organizational Study enables students to identify a particular problem of interest connected to the operation or management of a particular nonprofit sector organization. An in-depth review of the literature is conducted on topics related to the problem. The sources collected for the literature review should not be focused on organizational programs or services, but rather on management theory and related policy perspectives that address organizational problems and issues. The Academic Advisor will help guide students toward possible sources of literature to be consulted.

Grant Proposal

The Grant Proposal option provides students with an opportunity to identify a specific need, and to write a grant proposal to request funds from a private funder, foundation, or corporation. The Grant Proposal begins with an in-depth review of the problem based on the results of research found in the literature. Other sources of information may include U.S. census data, government reports, and local demographic and socioeconomic statistics. The Academic Advisor will help guide students toward the sources of literature to be consulted.


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