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2014 Commencement

2014 Commencement

Sunday, August 24, 2014 - 4:00 pm

Congratulations to the 2014
Spertus Graduates!

This year's graduation address was given by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, with remarks by student speakers Mark L. Saunders II (Master of Science in Nonprofit Management) and William Bietsch (Master of Arts in Jewish Professional Studies).

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Degree of Doctor of Science in Jewish Studies
Marsha Lee Berkman
Jodi Kornfield
Susan Schanerman
Melvin H. Weinberg

Degree of Master of Science in Jewish Studies
Steven David Kane
Kimball James Taylor

Degree of Master of Science in Jewish Education
Suzanne B. Swift

Degree of Master of Arts in Jewish Professional Studies
Fern Potoker Baker
William Charles Yisrael Bietsch
Rachel Grace Cort
Dorit Dahari
Kendra Gerstein
Hagit Lewis
Karen E. Martin
Hanna Pashtan

Degree of Master in Science in Nonprofit Management

Daylily C. Alvarez
Pamela Bilal
Elizabeth Dianne Brewer
Jennifer Rose Caruso
James D. Chambers
Stephanie D. Coleman
Monica Faith Cross
Anna Star DeVries
Carla M. Dumas
Patricia Lynne Fraser
Timothy B. Gales
Kenety Sonsanah Gee
Susan A. Gilman
Richard Paul Glass, Jr.
Darren Heard
Sherisse Monique Holmes

James Arthur Johnson
Jacqueline Nicole Klutcharch
Channing Richard Nathan Lenert
Deborah Ilene Mayeroff
Rhonda R. Mays
Jessie M. McDaniels
Bridgett McGill
Donald Murphy Monroe
Marla Susan Moore
Kipton Roderick
Mark L. Sanders II
Nate Sanders
Marly A. Schott
Taquetta D. Williams
Artesia Shavon Willis

Graduation Speaker

Congresswoman Jan SchakowskyCongresswoman Jan Schakowsky was elected to represent Illinois’ 9th Congressional District in 1998, after serving for eight years in the Illinois General Assembly. She is in her eighth term, serving in the House Democratic leadership as a Chief Deputy Whip and a member of the Steering and Policy Committee.

Congresswoman Schakowsky is a lifelong champion for the middle class. From her days as a young housewife who led the campaign to put expiration dates on food products to the 2008 passage of legislation to make children’s products safe, her emphasis has been on making life better for working Americans. For decades, Congresswoman Schakowsky worked to secure affordable, quality health care for all Americans. In 2009 and 2010, she played a leadership role in writing and passing the historic Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that finally established health care as a right and not a privilege in the United States.

One of 22 Jewish representatives currently serving in the US House, Congresswoman Schakowsky has a deep personal connection to the State of Israel and has consistently voted for measures to assure Israel’s security and to promote efforts toward a two-state solution. A resident of Evanston, Congresswoman Schakowsky grew up in the 9th District. She holds a BS in Elementary Education from the University of Illinois.

For Graduation Guests

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directly across the street
from Chicago’s Grant Park.

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