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Midcareer Fellowships

Midcareer Fellowships

Do you work at least 15 hours per week serving the Jewish community?

If so, you may be eligible for a substantial scholarship — called a Midcareer Fellowship — made possible with the support of a generous outside donor. Fellowships are available on a first come, first served basis to qualified students who begin the Master of Arts in Jewish Professional Studies (MAJPS) program during specific time periods.

Program Costs

For US students, the  cost of the two-year program is $18,000. Through a combination of fellowship and scholarship funds, students who work for Jewish organizations are eligible for a tuition reduction of approximately 65%. Additional scholarship support may also be available, including up to $1,000 for students who reside in the City of Chicago.

For Canadian students, the full cost of the program is $25,425. Through a combination of scholarships funds in partnership with JFC-UIA, Canadian applicants receive a tuition reduction of approximately 45%, reducing the student cost to $14,000.

Fellowship Eligibility Requirements

Midcareer Fellowships will be awarded to students who have been accepted into the MAJPS program and meet these additional criteria:

  • Current employment in a Jewish organization (15 hours per week minimum)
  • Commitment to the field of Jewish communal service
  • Commitment to successfully completing the MAJPS program coursework over a two-year period
  • Satisfactory in-person interview designed to assess commitment to the field and to successful program completion
  • Professional recommendation

Fellowship funds are limited and will be awarded to qualified students on a first-come, first-served basis.

To Apply for a Midcareer Fellowship

Step 1

If you have not already done so, complete your 
MAJPS Program Admission Process

Step 2

Complete and submit the online 
Midcareer Fellowship Application

Apply for Fellowship 

Step 3 

Have recommendation letter sent under separate cover
as instructed on the Fellowship Application.

Step 4

Complete a personal interview with MAJPS leadership regarding commitment and capacity for successful completion of the two-year program. If you qualify, you will be contacted to arrange this final step.


Contact Anita Silvert 
Center for Jewish Leadership
Director of Enrollment Management

Interested in learning more?

Contact Director of Enrollment Anita Silvert, who will meet you to discuss your goals and share how the Spertus MAJPS program can accelerate your career or empower your staff.

Reach her at or 312.322.1707

What accounts for MAJPS success?

  • Non-traditional program geared toward busy, working adults
  • Emphasis on learning that is relevant to student's careers
  • Distinguished faculty
  • Professional mentoring as a component of the program
  • Can be completed in just over two years


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