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Re | Generation

Re | Generation

October 27, 2022 to August 1, 2023
Current Exhibition

Re | Generation
120 years of Chicago's JUF Federation and its Impact

When he was 120 years old, Moses is said to have looked back with reflection but also looked forward, connecting with the next generation. After 120 years, the Jewish United Fund / Jewish Federation of Chicago is doing the same.

An exhibition in Spertus Institute’s Ground Level Arts Lab celebrates JUF Federation’s impact, recognizing how it has evolved to meet urgent and changing needs. Over the decades, JUF Federation pioneered innovative fundraising techniques, staying nimble and effective as circumstances demanded new directions and making it a role-model for philanthropic efforts worldwide.

This exhibition’s title has two intertwined meanings. First, as one word, Regeneration reflects JUF Federation’s mission in bringing renewed existence and more vigorous life to the Chicago area. The exhibition title also means “regarding generation,” reflecting how the past 120 years create a pathway for future generations to serve future needs.

Curated by historian Wendy Soltz and designed by Spertus Senior Designer Tracy Kostenbader, the exhibition features artifacts from early naturalization certificates to coverage of protests in support of Soviet Jewry, and from records of the Israel Emergency Fund to recent initiatives to fight discrimination, provide disaster relief, and combat rising antisemitism. No charge to view this exhibition.

Open during regular Spertus Institute business hours.