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Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Distance Learning is currently available for students enrolled in the Spertus Institute Jewish Studies programs:

The academic standards and requirements for courses taken through Distance Learning are identical to those for courses taken at Spertus Institute's Chicago campus, only the methods of course delivery are different. Students who opt to take their degree primarily through Distance Learning have complete flexibility as to when they wish to "attend" classes, according to their individual schedules.

Benefits of Distance Learning

  • Convenience and flexibility 
  • Extensive resources for students with little geographical access to graduate-level Jewish Studies
  • Multifaceted program delivery, including online courses, courses by video conferencing, summer seminars in Chicago, independent study, and directed reading courses

Online and Webconferencing Courses for Jewish Studies students

The a number of online courses are available year-round for admitted Spertus Institute Jewish Studies masters and doctoral degree students — as well as non-degree students who meet pre-requisite requirements and wish to enroll in courses for credit. 

Webconferencing and seminar courses are available at specific times of the year. 

Jewish Studies Course Calendar

Why Spertus Institute

  • Welcoming nondenominational environment open to all
  • Distinguished international faculty
  • Flexible scheduling and locations, distance learning available
  • Opportunities to pursue individual interests
  • Extensive resources

Learn more

Contact Associate Dean for Outreach Elana Kahn at or 312.322.1711 to discuss program content and format, and to learn about how curricula can be designed to meet your needs.


Before registering for Distance Learning courses, students must be admitted to one of Spertus Institute's Jewish Studies graduate programs — or be accepted as non-degree student who meets pre-requisite requirements and wishes to enroll in courses for credit.


Spertus Institute is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604.