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Spertus and Pittsburgh

Spertus and Pittsburgh

From the President of Spertus Institute

Dear Friends:

Spertus Institute has a long connection with the Pittsburgh Jewish community.

Pittsburgh was the first location outside of Chicago in which we offered our MA in Jewish Professional Studies program, continuing a relationship built on our decades-long work with Jewish Studies students from the Pittsburgh area.

Many of us across the Institute enjoy particularly close relations with the talented Jewish communal professionals in that city, those who have been our students and colleagues and those who work with them serving constituents in Pittsburgh and across the country. Furthermore, I am not the only one on the Spertus staff who has dear friends and family members in the Pittsburgh community.

We are horrified by the tragic and senseless attacks that took place in Pittsburgh. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with the Jewish community and all the people of Pittsburgh. As an institution of Jewish learning and leadership, we pledge to redouble our efforts to spread knowledge of Judaism and the Jewish experience and to foster open, welcoming, and safe environments for constructive conversation and learning.

We pledge our support and assistance in any ways we can to help ease the unfathomable pain and difficult healing ahead.

On behalf of all the staff, faculty, and Trustees of Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning Leadership, please join us in supporting the Pittsburgh community at this time.







Dean P. Bell, PhD 
President/CEO and Professor of Jewish History
Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership


Sunday, October 28, 2018

Stonger Than Hate

A uniquely Pittsburgh symbol of solidarity and strength is making its way around the internet in the aftermath of Saturday's deadly attack at a Pittsburgh synagogue. The image is a revamped Pittsburgh Steelers logo, with the Star of David substituting for the team's yellow star-like design.

About HIAS

This beautiful OpEd, published in The New York Times, explains HIAS from the view of someone whose life was changed by the organization's work, author Lev Golinkin. It was our pleasure to meet and work with Lev when we selected his memoir A Backpack, a Bear and Eight Crates of Vodka as our 2015 One Book. 

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