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Who Will Lead the Jewish Organizations of Tomorrow?

Who Will Lead the Jewish Organizations of Tomorrow?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 - 11:00 am


"The biggest challenge in Jewish life today
is finding good leadership for tomorrow." 

—The Leadership Pipelines Initiative 2014 

The challenges confronting American Jewish life today are simply too complex to be responded to with outdated modalities. We cannot hope to address 21st-century problems with 20th-century organizations and antiquated solutions. Our community must invest in the training and development of those who will lead a very different Jewish world from the one in which they were raised. Well-trained Jewish leaders will help advance Jewish communities towards a vibrant and engaged future. New opportunities for leadership development will enhance the knowledge, effectiveness, creativity, and strategic agility of current and future Jewish leaders, magnifying the vibrancy of their communities and advancing the missions of the organizations they serve.

Tal Rosen, Director of the Center for Jewish Leadership at Spertus Institute, led an online conversation about the leadership challenges ahead for organizations that serve the Jewish community.

  • What qualities will the next generation of organizational leaders need?
  • What can your organization do now to develop its next CEO? 
  • How can we make the Jewish community a great place to work in order to attract and retain talent?
  • What can you do so you are ready to lead?

The Center for Jewish Leadership at Spertus Institute is committed to providing an array of programs and services that enhance and develop the abilities of Jewish professional and lay leaders. We will be joined for this webinar by alumni who will discuss how their Spertus education has accelerated their careers. 

Tal Rosen is Director of the Center for Jewish Leadership at Spertus Institute. Before coming to Spertus, Rosen served as Executive Director at KAM Isaiah Israel, Chicago oldest synagogue and a important component in the fabric of Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, and before that as Executive Director of the Miami University Hillel in Oxford, Ohio, where he worked to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for the university’s more than 1,000 Jewish undergraduate and graduate students.

Center for Jewish Leadership

Designed for professionals and
volunteers who work for and with
Jewish organizations, the Center
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  • Graduate and certificate programs
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  • Jewish Leaders on Leadership series
  • An annual leadership symposium
  • A community mentoring program
  • Awards for innovation and collaboration


The Center for Jewish Leadership is supported by generous grants from the Crown Family. We are grateful for their support.