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Voices of Wisdom: Artist-Led Tours

Voices of Wisdom: Artist-Led Tours

Sunday, March 19, 2017 - 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Guests toured Voices of Wisdom in the Ground Level Arts Lab with artists Sylvia Alotta, Susan Dickman, Ellen Holtzblatt, Judith Joseph, and Carol Neiger as guides. They heard about the ideas and experiences that lay at the heart of their projects and learn about the techniques and materials used to create them, from steamrollers and seaweed to gold leaf and toilet paper rolls!

This program took place in conjunction with Voices of Wisdom, a showcase of new works created in conjunction with the Midwest Jewish Artists Lab, an initiative through which Spertus brought together twelve distinguished artists for conversation, critiques, and community-building.

The artists were provided opportunities to study art from the Spertus collections, as well as learn from historians, art scholars, and experts in a range of related fields. During the course of the year-long program, each participant was charged with creating an artwork or series around the theme of wisdom.

Voices of Wisdom was on view in the Ground Level Arts Lab until March 19, 2017. 

Image at left

Wisdom’s Wandering by Carol Neiger. 

"A visit to Portugal inspired me to think about tfoot’za — the Jewish diaspora. I wondered about how we, as Jews, relate to 'place' and 'home' given our tumultuous history."

Sylvia Alotta
Image above: Taharah—The Last Act of Kindness by Sylvia Alotta.

Susan Dickman

Image above: Of the Book: Bound by Susan Dickman.

Ellen Holtzblatt

Image above: Under the Sun by Ellen Holtzblatt.

Judith Joseph

Image above: Ghost Scroll V by Judith Joseph.